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Update (Oct. 2020): A Stronger Vancouver initiative was placed on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City Manager's Recommended 2021-22 Budget includes revisiting the initiative in 2021. It is anticipated that City Council will begin discussions about a path forward in early 2021.


A Stronger Vancouver would  seismically update emergency response facilities and update aging park equipment to make our community a safer place to live. 

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More than half of Vancouver’s fire stations would not withstand a moderate earthquake.


Planned projects include replacing two stations and renovating three stations to meet seismic standards. The replacement stations would also improve emergency response times to highest call volume areas. 


  • Heights Fire Station 3 (1110 N Devine Rd.) - Replace

  • Burton Fire Station 6 (3216 NE 112th Ave.) - Replace

  • Sifton Fire Station 4 (6701 NE 147th Ave.) - Renovate

  • Walnut Grove Fire Station 5 (7110 NE 62nd St.) - Renovate

  • Cascade Park Fire Station 8 (213 NE 120th Ave.) - Renovate

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Vancouver’s parks cultivate connections between neighbors and nature. Nearly 40% of existing parks have playground equipment that is over 20 years old and can no longer be maintained.
These improvements will enhance safety and accessibility by replacing playground structures and upgrading park features such as tables, benches, paths and signage:
  • West Vancouver: Arnada, Fruit Valley, John Ball
  • Central Vancouver: Columbia Lancaster, David Douglas, Father Blanchet, Jaggy Road, Peter S. Ogden, Oakbrook, Quarnberg, Wintler
  • East Vancouver: Burnt Bridge Creek School, Homestead, Kevanna
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Vancouver’s Operations Center is a 24/7 hub for essential City services and disaster response - streets, sewer, traffic signals, lights, and more!
The current facility was built in the 1950s when Vancouver’s population was only 42,000. Today, the center serves nearly 185,000 residents and would not withstand even a moderate earthquake. 
Replace & Renovate Fire Stations

Replace & Renovate Fire Stations

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